The first time I was fascinated by pictures was when I flipped through "National Geographic" magazine as a little kid. I couldn´t read (nor did I understand English), but I loved the pictures. When I was 13, I borrowed the camera of my father and started taking pictures and at this time I purchased my first photography books. For the next years I was just a normal teenager with normal teenage matters (school, girls,...) . When I graduated from high school my dream was to study photography, but at this time the possibilities were very limited in this field in Vienna so I decided to take up architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. After four semesters at the University a new School for Photography has been established in Vienna and without hesitation I applied. I was accepted there and so my career as architect was brought to a sudden end. The following years I tried to learn as much about photography as I could. I´ve assisted for several photographers and participated in some exhibitions. The first book with my pictures was published in 2007.

Right now my life is divided between Budapest and Vienna. I work in different fields of photography. I do photojournalism, art photography, portraits, weddings, commercial work etc. I love the constant change and challenges in the work I do.

I hope one day I can make some nice images for you!

Daniel Kaldori

Publications: I´ve worked for a news agency in Hungary, so a number of my pictures have appeared in the Hungarian press. You can find some of this pictures under the following address:

Foreign newspapers and magazines:
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Direkt+, Wina Magazin, Päng Magazin, Salzburger Nachrichten, Bon Voyage, Flight Global Magazin, Datum, Die Gemeinde, Rheinischer Merkur, Wiener Zeitung, News, Sportwoche,...

I´m member of the N-Ost newsnetwork:

Exhibitions of my work:
Migration - Integration/FotoK/Vienna-Austria/ 21.05.2007
Finale 07/FotoK/Vienna-Austria/04.10.2007
Senior Sports/Mai Manó Cafe/Budapest-Hungary/ August 2009
My travels with Holga/Lomography-Fogasház/Budapest-Hungary/March 2011
The Infinite in 6x6/Bálint Ház/Budapest-Hungary/Januar-Februar 2012

Book: Von Baronen und Branntweinern: Ein jüdischer Friedhof in Wien erzählt/Published by Mandelbaum Verlag

Partner site: